About Me

My story

GUYYYSSS! It's Kevintendo, and here's how it all started...

Texas native - I started my Original YouTube Channel in hopes that I would be "discovered" like Justin Bieber was (embarrassing, I know)! Years later, when I was finishing up college, I realized the huge potential of the Nintendo Switch as I was making my very first reaction/analysis video!

After settling on the name Kevintendo (I thought this was a super unique name until I started running into many different Nintendo themed Content Creators), I started making my first videos alongside the launch of Nintendo Switch!

Once summer 2017 hit, I realized I should follow the massive growth others were experiencing by live streaming. Although I was nervous, and my first few livestreams were WAY too intense, it was the most amazing decision I could've made, because so many of my long-time subscribers and community members found me through my live streams.

Along the way, I launched my music channel, known as K10 Music. It takes me a long time to make big decisions, like making this website!

I've changed a lot over the years, but one thing is for certain:

Life's a Switch, so let's play!

- Kevintendo

A super special thanks to Wicycool for making my current logo and creating the floating circle graphics I use, as well as just being a BOSS.

Oh! and here's my 1 year anniversary video. I should make another vid like this someday. This was nice.