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Rockstar professional voice over artist. You can tell this guy to add humor or make the script more interesting and natural. Incredible talent!

- Jason Lee, Company Insight

"Enthusiasm and talent second-to-none."

Kevin Frei is a very talented and professional voice narrator. His voice resonates with young people and is very appealing to adults. I had Kevin narrate my personal novella "Just Being Human" and his work was quick, well edited and his voices were amazing. He really made my story come to life. 

You know how it’s hard to hear your own story be read by someone else? That doesn't happen with Kevin, he actively makes it feel like it’s something new. Just now, I sat down to listen to what he did with the first chapter of my book and I ended up re-listening to the whole thing. He makes me feel the emotions I put into my books and I laugh even when I hear the jokes I've written.

- Colton Nelson, Head of Book Publishing at RCN Media

Kevin is very professional, responsive with communication, and easy to work with. If you are considering him for narration, he comes with my highest recommendation.


Cheree Alsop, Author