2021: Season 12!

(12,000 subs yayyyyy)

Happy New Year!!!!!!

2021 will be our biggest year yet!

I'm gonna be a dad!

To twins! Stephanie and I are having a baby girl and a baby boy this year, so I'm really going to take this year seriously in terms of doing things that will help our community grow, and set my career up for the future (leading up into the next point).

I'm now a voice actor!

While most of my experience so far has been in producing audiobooks, this year, a few very special projects will soon become public: from animations to commercials to video games! If you hear about an indie gaming studio (OR NON INDIE STUDIO) who is looking for voice actors, please let me know or send them my demos! I also have my official voice acting page up for Fiverr now, so consider booking me for a school/work project or just for funsies!

I mentioned this in my first Kevintendo Direct, but at this point in my life, I'm really trying to maximize my time with projects that will help my long-term career. I have a goal of in 4 years time, being in a cartoon that airs on television! We'll see if I can get there by 2025!

We're very close to discord partner!

Last month, we had 49 people chatting. If we can get 50+ for the next two months then our server will reach partner status!! Maybe that ONE PERSON to help us reach our goal is YOU! Join our discord if you haven't!

We just had our first movie night last night (Nacho Libre), and we will continue to do awesome stuff like that to help encourage our community to have fun together!

I'm no longer "Family friendly"!

Yup! For three quick reasons:

  1. I actually cuss a lot IRL. I've always tried to be squeaky clean on social media "in case I could become a Christian worship artist someday" (I kid you not, go check out my description on my OG YouTube Channel)... as time has gone on, I've realized that I'm probably NOT going to "make it" as a Christian artist, or family friendly YouTuber. 2021 is the time to GO BIG or GO HOME! I'VE GOT BABIES ON THE WAY!!!

  2. I've been doing YouTube for almost 4 years now, and during 2020, I saw a huge need for our community to lift the restrictions on cussing. Think about it, Many of our community members were like 12 when they first met me, and now they're 16! That's A HUGE difference between a 12 year old and a 16 year old - and I've talked it over with our most active community members, they believe too that this will be a great direction to go for helping people feel more comfortable and able to be who they really are.

  3. No joke, I've said the F word like 215 times in the past 4 months recording my upcoming voice acting roles and audiobooks, so it kinda hit me: it would be so hypocritical to hold my community to a rules list that I, myself, am not even going to keep up personally anymore. We still will ban F word, N word, and some slurs, but pretty much everything else is fair game, so cuss it up!

Oh! I forgot to add: This doesn't mean that I'll be cussing up a storm in my videos or things like that. This MOSTLY applies to our community rules. BUT I will now be leaving in cusswords from time to time in my videos, but probably will be censoring them with Mario sound effects, like in my WWE Copystrike Video!

What will my content look like this year?

  • Gameplay?!: I'm gonna start bringing gameplay back to Kevintendo! I wanna showcase mods/romhacks (which I've never been comfortable doing before), do some mobile gameplay (like Bomber Friends?), and some Google Stadia content.

  • Meme Vids/Reactions: I've been having lots of fun doing "meme" kind of videos where I compile memes and react to them. I'll still do reactions when there's something important coming out.

  • Twitch Streams: I've started doing no webcam streams on Twitch! It's really nice because I'm able to be with Stephanie instead of having to be cooped up inside my studio for multiple hours! Twitch has turned into a super chill place, but look out for super chill streams even on discord too! I might do that eventually and bring webcams back on Twitch, especially if I'm doing something that could turn into a funny YouTube video (like reacting to memes you send me, playing a funny rom hack, etc).

  • Music: On my music channel, I'm going to

          • keep writing original "anime style" theme songs for games! I'll open up a fiverr page soon too for people to request me to write songs (it won't be cheap though!).

          • keep making parodies! I had lots of success with my WAP Parody: Wet Fat Yoshi, so I'll do similar things for other rap songs coming out. Please let me know when a song goes viral the way WAP did!

          • do some covers! I didn't do ANY covers in 2020, so I want to bring them back!

Thank you all so much for supporting me in 2020! While this year is looking to be the most amazing yet in terms of our community, I honestly am the MOST excited about being a Dad. I'm getting teary eyed just typing this right now, because from this point forward, my PRIMARY FOCUS is going to be on my babies, providing for them and protecting them. That being said, Stephanie has told many times that our babies do not mean the end for my dreams. She wants me to pursue my dreams even harder than ever, and I know that with such a wonderful wife supporting me, I will definitely be able to shoot for the stars! Thank you for being such an incredible community to me and supporting me in the many different things I have going on.

I know it's a LOT, and not every single thing I do will be your cup of tea, but I do hope that you know that our community is always here for you, whether you've been gone for just a day, or a month, or even years - know that we are here for you whenever and wherever you need!!!

Life's a Switch, so Let's Play!

Kevin "Kevintendo" Frei