October 14, 2020

Very very very important update!

TL;DR - Steph and I are trying to start a family :D … Nothing to announce in terms of babies yet, but I really need to get my finances in order this upcoming year, especially since Steph’s job is being big doo doo.


Today’s stream and Saturday's Among Us collab stream might be my last Twitch streams for a while… I hate to say it but life was going super super well for Steph and I and then some repercussions of COVID-19 have hit us pretty hard. Without going into any details, she is basically getting put into a very tough position with her job, so I have to step up to the plate as her husband and put my content creation on “hold” for a while.

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this, as you know I can type a LOT when I’ve got something on my heart. But if you don’t have time just know that I won’t be quitting, I just really have to limit everything for a while!

While I’ve loved having Content Creation as a huge part of my being for the past 3 years, I need to dedicate most of my free time to projects that I’m sure will have more of a financial impact (such as spending 8 hours creating an audiobook that’ll pay me pretty well instead of 8 hours making a video that’ll make me like $0.24)… so that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop completely with Kevintendo / Kevin Frei Music, but that does mean that I’m gonna have to change a few things.

1. STREAMS: I’m gonna have to pause streaming on Twitch until I get things figured out. DON’T FEEL BAD IF YOU END YOUR TWITCH SUBS!!! In fact, I would definitely suggest that (and at the bottom I have a suggestion of what you can do to support me instead of subbing). I’ll keep subs enabled for now but mostly so that I can “mutual sub” to my other streamer friends. When / if it becomes clear that I won’t EVER stream again, I’ll disable them. Also, I think I would prefer just stream to discord for a while - cuz that's a really fun thing that CC Corey does every now and then and I really like how low-key it is, and how involved everyone can be with voice chat. Obviously these won’t be super long, but it’s definitely an option! ^^

2. VIDEOS: As I’ve mentioned, I no longer have all the free time I used to have where I could like edit videos for 8 hours and put them out… so that means I am limited to what kinds of videos I can make. Thankfully I have gotten good at making quick Voice Over vids (the iPhone 12 Mario vid took like 40 minutes altogether haha), as well as reaction videos (which obviously are so quick to make) - so while streams are going to be cut, videos SHOULD still be frequent!

3. MUSIC: Just like with videos, I just don’t have the time (or drive) to be making one song for like 3 weeks at a time. In fact it’s driving me crazy. Among Us song has taken so long and I haven’t even started on the video… but I’m aiming to release it before halloween cuz it’s spoopy. I started working on a SM35 Song which is done, but I’ll probably save it for later… Instead of focusing on big epic original songs, I want to start putting out (mostly acoustic) covers. We’ll see. I really like those songs that genre bend, so I’m looking at doing that in my own way.

4. PLAN FOR DISCORD: Being so close to having our server at the Partner Level has gotten me very excited!! I am striving to be around more for little @Let’s Play game sessions, especially Smash now that Steve (and Bomberman) are out! While that doesn’t mean I can necessarily play for an hour at a time, I’ll be able to hop in for a few matches here and there! I can at least commit that to y’all!


As I mentioned above, I really wanna encourage you to end your financial support, whether it be through YT Channel Member, or Twitch Subscription. Instead, it would help me so greatly to have you focus your efforts on watching my new vids and music as I produce them, even consider sending them to friends or other content creators who might enjoy them. The absolute best thing to do would be if I make a new video, you watch a good chunk of it, then click to a related/suggested video and just keep watching YouTube for a while (even let it autoplay overnight perhaps!) - YouTube REALLY rewards videos who keep people watching on YouTube. On the flipside, the worst thing you could do for me is to watch 1 second of a video, click like, and leave a short comment, then leave YouTube. I know some people do this thinking it’s helping but it’s super super bad for videos, especially when the watch time is super low like a few seconds D:

PHEW! That's about it...

In a parallel universe, Kevintendo is streaming daily, making music all the time, and voice acting professionally. But I made my choice to focus on my little family (Steph, Nacho, Mac, and Poutine), and I am so happy I did that. Being a content creator is something that can tear a relationship apart - I’ve seen first hand the kind of strain it can put on relationships, but trust me - there is nobody more supporting of my dreams than Stephanie. She has been my rock for the past 5 years always encouraging me, but now it's my turn to focus on things that can help our family so that she can feel the freedom she has given me!

Finally, I want to say a tremendous thank you all for believing in the K10 Community for so long. This is definitely not a "goodbye", but much more like "things are gonna be a lil different, and thank you for sticking with me!"

You all rock, and I cannot thank you enough!

Life's a Switch, so LET'S PLAY!

~ Kevin Frei