What Happened to Cheezepin?

What happened to Cheezepin (and our other long term community members)?

So before I start I just gotta say: there's not a 100% surefire way to know where everybody has gone. It does feel sad that we've lost some very close community members over the years BUT I'm very happy when people come back after a while. I've always told people that when they DM me about this kinda thing.. I say "hey, if you're not vibing with me right now that's totally fine! We'll always welcome you back with open arms if you choose to come back someday. No hard feelings."

Ok so let's get into it..... For many community members, I actually don't know why they left the community or when they left the community, but for Cheezepin, Grace, Eli Productions, Unquommon, DJ Footie PJs, PK Jazz, Franz the Fox, and the rest of the crew from that era of Kevintendo.... I actually do know at least a good chunk of what happened, which I will share now.

So there's TONS like TONS of things to discuss about it that could actually make a super long story, but the long story short is that during the time when we were growing a lot (I was streaming like 4-8 hours a day), our community started getting super super super close...

Some crazy things happened including PK Jazz getting banned for fighting too much with Cheezepin as well as 🤔 Ian Productions aka I forgot his other name oh yeah Eli Productions??, but anyways something really really strange happened too that I can't talk about with one of the OG people that made somebody feel very very uncomfortable. I have to be vague with it but if you dm me I can tell you about it privately. Anyways PK Jazz got banned (not for the vague thing) and I had a stupid rule at the time where if you get banned, you lose your rank on Mee6. She was actually like number 1 or number 2, and so when she got banned I reset her Mee6 and then our little group started self imploding. It actually is weird how it kinda all centered around that - but Jazz was SOOOO mad and hurt.

Cheezepin and all of us were getting super super close cuz I was streaming so often, like I mentioned sometimes 8 hours a day, it was super unhealthy for me. Around that time I also decided to multi-stream to twitch instead of sticking to youtube. In the longterm it was maybe a good idea? because I'm diversified now, but then again looking back if I had just stayed exclusively youtube that might've been better! Oh well

And I just started feeling LOTS of tension from many of the exclusive youtube watchers - they were getting really really hurt that I was splitting my attention on multiple chats - at that point I was streaming on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, Twitter/Periscope, and even briefly DLive! Soooooooooooo yeah that's part of it too, when I decided to cast my net wider to different platforms, it hurt those people who were exclusive youtube watchers.

As things were getting crazier, people started fighting more often in discord, and Eli Productions (Ian) was like the super ultra best mod, along with Graceful Slumber, and we were super super strict with our rules, so that if someone literally posted something in the wrong channel, then I was trying super hard to enforce it to the point where people started having less and less fun. And with people having less fun, it gave people less reason to try and solve their problems well, which led to more fights. All of this just caused so much built up anger and hard feelings in the community that one day it was just the end of that era! I think Cheezepin may have gotten banned for being in a fight and he just never tried to come back.

AS FAR AS I REMEMBER that's how it all went down!

OH YEAH so remember how everyone felt about Alice and Abe?? Like I was giving them too many chances?? It was like the opposite of that, if I can remember correctly. So the reason I gave Alice and Abe so many chances is because I've had all of this regret in my heart for how things were handled.

But in the end, the way the server is today, and how we are more relaxed with rules, etc, is because of the mistakes I made in the past. I really hope that some of our long time community members can come back (just like Fonix has made a return!) - for example Franz the Fox is just Franz now and he just made a brand new logo for me!!

Soooo I'll just wrap this up by saying if anyone is reading this who left our community, I'm sorry for whatever I did that caused you to leave. I hope you know our community is a better place than it was back then - although I still can be a jerk when it comes to getting corrected, and I still make stupid decisions like sending out our discord link too often on videos which can cause crazy people to show up. I'm still very stubborn, but I've had some character development in these 3.5 years of Kevintendo, including being quicker to admit that I'm wrong.

Thank you all for being so amazing and keeping the Kevintendo community going for as long as it has. While we may have lost some amazing people, we've gained many more and I'm so thankful for all the friends we've made in this time!

I love you guysssssssaaaaaaa :)

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Dec 3rd, 2020