This is the second book in an epic series, so it might be confusing at first, but definitely a great read (or listen ;D)! Essentially, a portal has opened up and dumped a bunch of "fae" (mythological) creatures into the human world! Dr. Wolf is a werewolf who has decided to dedicate his life to helping both fae and humans after the chaotic events of book one. (Age 13+ Recommended) Audible Link or Purchase Here!

A great novella following the life of Benson Scott: from finding amazing success in the movie industry, to realizing that it's not all jazzed up to be, to seeking love in spite of a crazy duck! (Age 16+ Recommended) Purchase here! and use code "KEVINTENDO" for a discount!!! (I think 20% off!)

An intriguing book comparing the Gnostic Gospels (stories about Jesus not accepted in the Canonical Bible), to Zen Buddhism! For those open to getting outside of their comfort zone. (Age 14+ Recommended) Audible Link or Purchase Here!